Philosophy and Mission

Our mission is to provide families and children 3-5 years old with a positive, life-enriching preschool experience through individualized lesson plans, opportunities to connect with nature and the community, and a compassionate classroom curriculum in a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment.
— Cibola House School

The English word philosophy comes from the Ancient Greek words “philos” and “sophia”, respectively, “love” and “learning”, and a love of learning is what we are all about at Cibola House School!  We respect and value each child as an individual human being.

We work as partners with children, utilizing their strengths and interests to help them reach their greatest potential. We believe that children are their own best teachers and that the role of an educator is to provide materials, opportunities for success, and guidance for the children as they explore and learn about their world. 

At Cibola House, we believe in providing experiences and choices that allow children to create meaningful connections between themselves and the larger world. We provide children with the tools they need to effectively learn from their environment, peers, adults, and the community.

To facilitate this “great work”, the children are encouraged to have an active role in their education and to select their own activity or “work” from the numerous high-quality options available.

Opportunities for social learning are provided daily through group projects and play, class meeting times, outdoor classroom and playtime, community activities and field trips. Individual learning time is provided through our twice-daily indoor “work” periods, during which children are encouraged to explore their individual interests and preferences.

Opportunities for individual exploration are also available during nature walks, library time, and outdoor classroom and play time.

The Cibola House School Song

To celebrate 2013 Susan Clark (Brynn's grandma) and some of here music-making friends got together and produced a song about Cibola! Listen below: